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Lavish Organics is a home based business run by myself, Heather O’Neill, a Miessence Independent Representative.  

I discovered ONEgroup and Miessence Products while I was pregnant and looking for organic products to use on my new baby. I began by reading numerous academic articles on the effects that personal care products have on our health. After learning about the levels of toxins in almost all of the  products available, my quest to find a healthy and natural alternative began.

I spent a significant amount of time during my pregnancy researching hundreds of products and analyzing their ingredients. It was quite shocking to learn that several common brands are full of toxic ingredients. Even many products claiming to be “non-toxic,” “natural” or “organic” (including ones sold in health food and organic stores) still contain very harmful ingredients.

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ONEgroup was the only company that I found that has an extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic and oral products. Their exclusive claim of being independently certified to international food standards had me sold. The ingredients in Miessence products are so pure, you could literally eat them.

I initially started by purchasing all of the products from the Mother & Baby range. I used the Belly and Breast Balm on my expanding belly throughout my pregnancy and did not get any stretch marks. When my daughter when was born, I began using the baby products on her. I loved the products and the company so much that I became an Independent Representative. Miessence products have become the only products in my household.

While the idea of switching my personal care products to ones that were healthy seemed like a great idea, I was a nervous about the quality of what organic products had to offer. My apprehensions were instantly put to ease with my first order. Miessence products are rich, lush, beautifully-scented, effective and leave you glowing with health and vitality. Following my experience with these luxurious products, the decision to call my business Lavish Organics was quite natural.

It is such a good feeling knowing that I am doing everything that I can to keep my family healthy. I hope that you and your family can enjoy these products as well.

Lavish Organics

I grew up in Yorkton, Saskatchewan speaking both French and English. I am an active, outgoing, health-conscious person who enjoys the outdoors. I am currently in Anthem, Arizona with my husband, daughter and two dogs. I am expecting a baby boy at the end of April 2012.

I left home a month after I turned eighteen to study French for the summer in Québec City at Université Laval. That fall, I moved to Kingston, Ontario to attend Queen’s University where I entered their Bachelor of Commerce program. I spent my third year of the program studying international business abroad as an exchange student at IÉSEG School of Management in Lille, France. Upon my return from living in France and travelling Europe, I was faced with some health issues that forced me to focus on the bigger picture in life.

It became clear to me that I was here to do something with my life that sincerely made a difference and to have a positive impact on this world. I decided to become a teacher. I loved the summers that I spent during university working at an international, overnight summer camp in the Aidrondack mountains of upstate New York and made the choice to work with children full-time. After finishing my commerce degree, I stayed at university to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Art History and a Bachelor of Education degree focused on middle years and high school with Visual Arts as my teaching major.

I have always been passionate about standing up for what I believe in. While at university, I co-founded Students for Corporate Social Responsibility, a student-run association committed to promoting corporate social responsibility through on-campus events and academic initiatives.

When I met my husband (a Naturopathic Doctor, ND) and began to learn about his field of study and his practice, a whole new world of optimal health and wellness was revealed to me. I have since been an avid supporter of science-based naturopathic medicine and feel that Miessence products complement this discipline.

I am excited to be utilizing my diverse background as a ONEgroup Independent Representative and to be working for a genuinely ethical company that provides truly organic and natural products with a strong commitment to the environment.

Heather O’Neill